He alone wins 6 million euros in the lottery draw

He alone wins 6 million euros in the lottery draw

Once is not customary on Roulette.be, we are starting this week which promises to be rich in emotion under the sign of winning and luck with a very nice story of a happy player on the side of our dear French neighbors , who just won a great lottery jackpot about 10 days ago.

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It must be said that if he obtains a fantastic gain, it is because he had the incredible luck to be the only winner of the winning combination. Direction therefore Deux-Sèvres, a department in the Center-West of France belonging to the New Aquitaine region. This department owes its name to the SèvreNantaise, the last major tributary of the Loire, and to the SèvreNiortaise, a coastal river that flows into the Atlantic Ocean at the level of the Aiguillon cove.

He wins 6 million euros in the lottery

The nice little story of the big winner of Monday tells you today that of this lucky lucky who has just won 6 million euros in the lottery in Deux-Sèvres. Indeed, the lottery draw which actually took place on Saturday March 16, 2019 revealed a single winner in France; player who is likely to start the year much better than he hoped for until the last few days.

According to the information collected and disclosed in the press, the winning ticket was in fact validated in Deux-Sèvres, a department in the Center-West region of the territory of our dear French friends. Even if the name of the city has not yet really been revealed for the moment, we know however that the amount of this incredible gain amounts to 6 million euros.

This is a huge sum of money considered the second biggest win in this town and it is therefore not strange to see that the winner wishes to maintain complete anonymity. It must be said that we no longer count the number of times that we advise you, within the editorial staff of the site, to remain as discreet as possible in the event that you are in the place of this player and that you therefore win a very big winnings jdlclub Singapore in the lottery, in any other game of chance such as slot machines for example in the casino or on an online gaming site such as Casino777.be or even Circus.

A lucky Saturday for a Frenchman

It is therefore the draw of Saturday March 16 of the Française des Jeux which made a very happy winner lately. The latter actually pocketed the exceptional sum of 6 million euros and the FDJ therefore did not communicate any information on the identity of this rather lucky player who will certainly remain unknown to the battalion. But we know, however, that the latter was invited to come to the agency on Monday, March 18, 2019 and we do not really know yet, this gain being rather fresh, if the individual in question has already manifested.

We therefore do not know the identity of the big winner, or if he went to the headquarters of the FDJ to collect his winnings, but we do know that this famous draw of March 16, 2019 designated a winner residing in the department of Deux-Sèvres. But this is information to be taken even today with a grain of salt, because, according to the press service of the FDJ, the company only confirms the news once the payment is made and therefore the big winner can take full advantage of its gain.

He earns 6 million euros in Deux-Sèvres

You should also know that the person concerned will have to come forward rather quickly, because they will have until May 15 at midnight to claim their big win. Indeed, beyond this deadline, it will then be too late to take full advantage of these fabulous millions and the money will therefore be put back into play http://jdl77.com/sg/en-us/ and added to a future draw. There is therefore no doubt that the main interested party rather has an interest in making himself known as soon as possible and not to miss his chance to radically change his life.

As we told you a little above, and according to the Française des Jeux, this ticket of 6 million euros was validated in the department of Deux-Sèvres. This is in fact the second biggest win, all categories of games of the FDJ, in the department and it therefore comes just behind number one in the top, at the top of the list. In this ranking and at the top, we find once again lottery winnings which in fact dominate with a record of € 6,882,913.

We are therefore dealing here with a reward that borders on 7 million, won on April 22, 1995 in Niort. Then follows this famous recent jackpot of 6 million, fallen this Saturday, March 16, 2019, preceding a third big win which was also validated in Niort and giving the lucky player the opportunity to leave with the beautiful sum of 4,502,013 €.

Since we are still at the top of the winnings in this region, know that in fourth position we then find a ticket at 4 million at Celles-sur-Belle and one at 2 925 845 € at Argenton-Château which ranks to him in 5th place. A very large check of 6 million euros therefore awaits the lucky winner of the draw on Saturday, March 16, 2019 and we can certainly say that such an amount can greatly upset a lifetime.

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